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"The Mini Mobi" (Small Loads)

The Mini Mobi is the smallest load. From 0 to 10 pounds, these loads are the lightest and easiest to handle. Your price for this wash, dry, and fold service will be $7.00 per load.

"The Middle Mobi" (Medium Loads)

The Middle Mobi is the next one in size. These loads run 10.5 to 15 pounds. They usually include some bed linens and towels along with your garments. Your price for wash, dry, and fold will be $10.00 per load.

"The Mega Mobi" (Large Loads)

The Mega Mobi is the largest of them all! These loads usually range from 16 pounds and up. They usually include comforters, bedding, curtains, rugs, and other household textiles. Larger loads of garments are also considered as a Mega Mobi Service. Your price for wash, dry, and fold will be $13.00 per load.

"What laundry detergent do you use?"

In assessing past customer's laundry requests, Mobi Wash Laundry Services has found that most customers request Tide as a recommended brand. For this reason, Tide will be used with all services. If another detergent is requested, please discuss with Attendant prior to services.

Ironing by request only $4.00 extra (plus starch, $1.00 extra)

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