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All New ONE PRICE Laundry Services!

Starting May 18, 2020 all laundry loads are now $12.00 per load. A load consists of all garments and linens weighing 12 pounds and under.


Ironing is available by request. $5.00 per every 4 garments. Starch available upon request for $2.00 extra.

Heavy Items

Any heavy items, such as comforters, electric blankets, curtains, etc. are washed separately and will be an additional $10.00 per item with your regular garment pick-up schedule or $15.00 per item if cleaned apart from your scheduled pick-up date.

"What laundry detergent do you use?"

In assessing past customer's laundry requests, Mobi Wash Laundry Services has found that most customers request Tide as a recommended brand. For this reason, Tide will be used with all services. If another detergent is requested, please discuss with Attendant prior to services.

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