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A show of hands

I'm sure by now we are all becoming aware that our youth's summer vacations will come to a halt with the re-opening of our nations schools again! We, as providers for our young ones, will have to be back on the grind of having to find school clothes, buy school supplies, and pay all of the impending fees for sports, activities, lunches, etc. Then, there's scheduling! Incorporating school and work schedules can prove to be rigorous and tiring!

How do you feel about this?

While home schooling, I initially had NO CLUE what I was doing but as time went on I began to actually enjoy being able to teach my pre-schooler and 2nd grader the things I thought would interest them while continuing to incorporate their learning packets. Our schedules became more regulated and I started to feel like Wonder Woman. My only worry was if they were actually learning!

With schools re-opening in a couple of months the worry is much greater! I worry about their studies - how many children to a class, how long will each class be if the children are spaced out, will there be enough teachers to accommodate the class sizes? I worry about cleaning practices - are each of the teachers mandating that children use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the class, will teachers clean each desk between classes, will Lysol even be available again by the time school re-opens? I worry about the psychological affects that the possible spacing of the children will have on them - will they be able to socialize with their friends, will the isolation cause them social discomfort, are they likely to become isolationists when things do go back to "normal"?

I know this is a bit much but the mind of a mom is a crazy place! We worry about our babies until the day we're no longer around. With all of this talk of sickness and the possibility of vaccines (another worry), it can make a person dizzy with fear and doubt.

Give me your feedback...what are some things you, as a parent, are planning on doing to get your child ready for the next school year? Does the thought of your child going back worry you? Have you considered the idea of home schooling?

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